Self portrait with exploded head

Some thoughts

There is a peculiar aspect about being nearly seventy years old – it is disinhibition. One doesn’t care much about propriety or what other people think of you.

One also knows that to anyone younger than thirty, one is practically invisible and for the art world one is as old as Methuselah. I thought much the same when I was young.

I am a British sculptor who produces slightly off beat bronze sculptures. I stand (quite comfortably) in an area that appears to be regarded as quaintly heretical in the Scottish cultural milieu.

I had a very good grounding in skills at art school – I think well in three dimensions and I know how to make things.

I make bronzes that describe an emotion, an issue or a person.

I do not think too hard and just let my intuition guide me. I avoid the artistic orthodoxies of the day and I am happiest in life sitting at a workbench making what I want to make.

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