Work in Progress

The topic of much of Kinghorn’s work in progress revolve around the theme of shrines to various things – to people, to family and to the sea and sky. This work is still in a very rough and unfinished state. Andrew’s usual working method is to have several sculptures in progress at any one time.

They are worked on as the moment and the mood dictate.

“This sculpture is designed as a bird table for an art lover. As such the birds are the primary subject rather than the sculpture. In my mind’s eye I can see a theatre of competing interests including fear, status, size, hunger playing out before the viewer’s eyes. I imagine goldfinches, sparrows, great tits, green finches and so on on the feeders themselves. Perhaps there will be appearances by pigeons, blackbirds on the table, whilst in the wings a sparrow hawk (the villain) might lurk with intent.

The imagery of the shoes is based on two things. Firstly a quote from Frida Kahlo, ” Why do I need feet when I have wings to fly?” And secondly that shoes, especially women’s shoes, have a purpose of embellishing and adorning as well as being functional. I am trying to draw a parallel between the plumage of a male bird and the shoe in contemporary fashion. I still need to powdercoat some of the shoes in vibrant colours and…and…and…”

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